Monday, November 9, 2009

International Terminal

Why would anyone ever think it is a good idea to have Mexican food be one of only three restaurants in the international terminal? In a short amount of time, every person in that terminal is going to be trapped in a 2 ft x 4 ft space, next to hundreds of strangers, with no ventilation, for 8+ hours and one of the major food choices given said people is spicy beans... Even more alarming, the place was packed!

And on the subject of packing, miraculously, I managed to cram everything I would need for my three months in Stockholm into two suitcases weighing less than 50lbs and a carry-on. The secret - the roll method. Instead of folding your clothes regularly, you roll them up into neat little rolls like a Tootsie Roll or a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll, whichever you prefer to imagine as you are rolling, and pack 'em in. It really works! Try it next time you go on a trip, and I would venture to say the level of wrinkling is the same, if not better than the folding packing method. (thanks for the tip Chase and Jacqui)

That's it for now. Tune in later for first day of school pics and report.

Does anyone know why they asked me when I bought a bottle of water in Frankfurt (inside the security gate) whether it was to drink now, or on the plane? They asked every single person buying bottled drinks. Everyone said "now", so I'm not sure what happens when you say "on the plane".

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