Thursday, November 19, 2009


My commute begins around 8:30 each morning. I walk out the door of my 4th floor apartment, and to the elevator. If I'm feeling ambitious, I take the stairs, but it is a spiral staircase, and quite honestly it makes me dizzy to go down four flights. I usually haven't any coffee by this point so dexterity and reflexes are low and slow. Stairs can be risky.

The elevator is mirrored, so I'm forced to look at my hair and makeup and make sure I've done a good job. (see picture below, which illustrates both new glasses, requested by Kelly, and mirrored elevator)

Once out the door I embark on a 25 to 30 minute walk to work. It is a pretty nice walk. I go through my neighborhood, Kungsholmen, across a bridge and then 4 or 5 more blocks to the DDB office. I pass many things as I walk through the neighborhood. A couple of grocery stores, what seems to me to be an abnormal amount of hair salons and this really cool house that I'm going to find the backstory on to post.

Then I walk across a bridge, with an awesome bike lane that takes up half the sidewalk. The view is out over one of the various water ways (Stockholm is built on an archipelago) and the train station. Then after the bridge I have another 10 minutes to DDB on Torggatan, Train Street.

DDB is on the 7th & 8th floor of the glass building on the left.

All of this is quite good and lovely when it isn't raining. However, it was reported to me earlier today that Stockholm has only had 3.48 hours of sunlight (not cloudy, foggy, raining - actual sun shining on you) since November 1. I'm not sure if this is true or an exaggeration, but I'm inclined to believe it.

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