Friday, November 20, 2009

As Promised: The History of Piperska Muren (see Commute post)

So I think the most interesting part of this whole story is the Jean Theodore La Font guy. He's some French dude who moves to Stockholm, sells snuff and buys then destroys a local landmark. What the hell?! I bet the neighbors were pissed.


Piperska Muren has been a central location for meetings for over 300 years! As far back as the early 1700s it was one of Stockholm's grandest estates and boasted the most ornamental and distinguished baroque park in the area. Carefully carried out restorations aimed at reflecting an early 1700s environment have recaptured the former charm and elegance of Piperska Muren's building and park.

Piperska Muren AB

The original entrance to Piperska Muren was through gates by what is now Scheelegatan, up through the park between the two pavilions and in to Borggården where the busts of the roman emperors can be found. From this point it was possible to enter two respective pavilions, both dating back to 1695. These are still standing today but in the 1790s they were built into one and in 1880 a lower building, the so-called veranda was constructed on the park side. In 1860 a two-storey building was erected to the north and another storey was added to this in 1910, completing the building that can be seen today, and that now houses among other things the main entrance to the restaurant and the large banquet areas.

In the 1600s Count Carl Piper, one of Karl XII closest advisors designed for Kungsholmen what was called at that time "the town's neatest and foremost garden with clipped hedges, orangeries and fountains". Count Piper was destined never to see his plans achieve completion. He followed Karl XII into war, was taken prisoner at Poltava and later died in Russian captivity. His wife Christina Törnflycht completed her husband's work. In 1702 she also approved the erection of a high brick wall, which came to be commonly known as - Piperska Muren

In 1757 the estate was sold to a French immigrant, the snuff manufacturer Jean Theodor La Font. He brought with him a period of destruction and decay. The grounds were divided. The beautiful door with its pillars and pedestals made from Gotland stone was taken down. A large portion of the brick wall was also torn to the ground. The stone was sold for use in the ongoing building of The Swedish Mint.

Piperska Muren AB

Since 1807, the Piperska Muren property has been owned by the order of Arla Coldinu. This order has always been looked upon with high regard. During the late 1700s, its members included among others Carl Michael Bellman. Its current patron is King Carl XVI Gustaf.


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  1. Whoa! This is crazy! I wish I could see it in person.
    For your next project... figure out what "Dubel Puffra" means. Ted just taught us this phrase. He says it is Stockholm slang. I think I spelled it wrong.
    Hint: it means two things.